With more years of LRP exprience than we wish to count (nearly all of us having over ten years each), together we make up the Dark Colony team. Based across the UK, we have formed a work group that has enabled us to create what you see before you now.

We wanted to create an exciting, thrilling, horrifyingly scary LRP that can be enjoyed by any who love the genre of sci-fi post-apocalyptic.


REF: RICH H. Richard is a hard-working and utterly dedicated member of the Dark Colony team, working tirelessly to make sure things are done (he has a whip, exciting!). The CONTACT US button above links to his email address, and he will be the one you face if you royally screw up. Named as our heroic leader, he has watched over everything created for Dark Colony, to make sure it is all up to standard. He can also run really, really fast.

REF: TONY. Tony is our technical minded, Apple loving geek of a Ref who enjoys screwing people over in ridiculous ways and coming up with plots that cause tears amongst the hardiest of men. Also with a background in bio science (seeing a trend here?), Tony enjoys putting his knowledge to good use. He is also engaged to the ARTISTIC MONKEY (see below), and has a hamster called Mojo. The ultimate pet of a villain.

REF: RICH S. Richard is a loving soul with a deliciously deviant mind. Primed and always ready to drop plot even on the most unsuspecting, a dark web weaves within his thoughts. Methodical and mathematical in thinking, nothing escapes his ever watchful gaze. With years of LRP experience behind him, the astute player will soon learn that nothing gets on his good side better than a decent cup of tea.

REF: COLIN. Colin is the silent ninja in the night, his stealth abilities remain unmatched, as well as his quick-thinking and superb story telling skills. These, teamed with a knowledge in martial arts, expands his Ref portfolio to where some wish they could reach. Colin creates the perfect environment, as long as one is able to catch him!

ARTISTIC MONKEY: LORNA. Lorna is artistic in every way and has aided in the creation of the website, and design and 'look' of Dark Colony. Found often under a pile of fabric swearing she will never do this again, she designs and creates costumes, make up looks, writes the occasional plot, bakes really good brownies, and always thinks the addition of fangs makes everything better. She is classed as part of the Crew, and not Ref, as the others are scared at the giving her a bead bag and letting her loose of the players. Lorna is engaged to Tony (see above), and is a crazy cat lady. Her latest count is four (cats, not crazies).

CREATION CREW: DOUG. Doug has aided in the creation of Dark Colony and is a keen writer, allowing his artistic side to emerge through words. Married to the CREW MUM (see below), he is kept in line by the threat of no cake unless the work is done.

CREW MUM: ISZY. Let's face it, we wouldn't be able to do what we do without our Mum, Iszy. Amazingly skilled in organisation, she keeps all of the Refs and Crew in line, and in kit. Having an encyclopedic knowledge of where everything is at any time, she is also a dab hand at make up! Iszy bakes the best cakes in the world, and reminds us to eat. What would we be without our Mum? USELESS, THAT'S WHAT!

Of course, we have more crew than this, and we would love to mention them all, but we do not allow them out of their cages, nor to learn to write. Oh well! Perhaps when one makes his or her way to the top of the feeding chain, we will let them on here.