Unless otherwise specified all events are self catered camping, all bedding, tentage, cooking facilities, food etc. should be provided by the player or crew member.  Players should provide their own costume, PhysReps and other kit.  See Rules for further information.

We will require the following minimum information from you, your full name, a contact email or phone number and also please advise us of any medical conditions, phobias or allergies (These can be given directly to the primary First Aider who will keep them confidential)

Once payment is made we offer a 75% refund or full transfer of payment to the next dark colony event providing your cancellation request is emailed at least 30 days prior to event date. Cancellation within 30 days of the event means your payment is non refundable.

Further info
Our events are run on a non-profit-making basis.. Payments will be taken from participating players to cover costs of site hire, equipment, set decoration, special effects, costumes and other necessities for putting on a good event. The aim is to budget so that all incoming funds are invested into the event and any surplus used in the following event. However, in the event of there being any remaining money in the account at the time of closure, surplus funds will be donated to a charity of the Dark Colony's choosing.

Please make your booking first via the Contact Us email (or use before making any payments. You will receive a confirmation email that your space is reserved, once payment is received your booking will be confirmed. New players (new blood players) If payment is not received within 14 days of reservation the space will be made available to anyone and you would have to contact us again to reserve it again.

Please email for payment options as paypal can no longer be accepted due to surcharge.


You must 18 years or over to book on a Dark Colony Event.